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Abstract : Ionic Colloidal Silver Effective Against CoronaVirus?

Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine  Volume 13, 2003 - Issue 2 This retrospective study of silver-based therapeutics briefly reviews their history, and then explores the modern application of charged silver particles, especially as an antiviral agent. The recent outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) suggests this is timely. Medical literature shows that a variety of viruses have been successfully treated with silver-based drugs. However, 'silver salts' and/or inferior silver preparations lack the bio-availability, active silver content and safety needed to be effective.  State-of-the-art, electrolytically produced 'oligodynamic' Ag + , however, offers distinct advantages and versatility of use over older and cruder formulations. Possessing much smaller, subnanometer-sized particles, greater electrical potential and lower concentrations, it is more bio-available than other formulations. Efficacy against the SARS-related coronavirus,