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Customer Reviews

Due to legal issues, below are just a few of the many customer reports we have received: ・I use a few drops of colloidal silver in my cut flowers, they seem to last longer and the water never gets smelly, no matter how long I let them go before tossing..... Kass" ・Colloidal silver spray kills leaf curl on peach trees and apple rust on apple trees in my orchard. Great for roses also!!! .....Henry ・My Tonkinese cat developed a massive tumor in her midriff area a year ago. The vet's prognosis was gloomy to cut or just leave her as long as she wasn't in pain. I fortunately came upon colloidal silver just about then. Well, within three weeks of giving her about a teaspoon a day of colloidal silver, the tumor literally disappeared and a year later she's still a happy, healthy kitty with a waistline! .....Yvonne   ・I am so pleased with this product. friend uses it on her elderly dogs. Their gums are getting old and sore. After using your Colloidal sil