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Lab Report

A Customer submitted and paid for test of Ionic Colloidal Silver he purchased from  us (tests by Natural-Immunogenics Corp. ) had the following results: Particle sizes from micrographs at 100,000x and 280,000x        Min.  1nm        Max. 46nm (the general definition of a colloid is particles from 1 to 1,000nm)   pH = 6.45   Silver PPM = 6.96 (being less than 9 umhos/cm means all ionic)   Clarity = clear   Conductivity = 9 umhos/cm   Osometry of zero   Tyndal = very low   "The antibacterial activity as tested on two strains of staphylococcus   aureus (wild type and MRSA) was clearly better than many colloidal silvers on the market . In 4 and 8 minute inhibition challenge tests against 200PPM and 300PPM silver nitrate (at pH=7) the sample was significantly superior , but not as good as 325PPM silver nitrate (Silver nitrate is the de facto silver ion test source)." (underline ours)

Blue Skin

What causes blue skin? Poorly made Colloidal Silver. ”When exposed to sunlight, the silver salt turns back to silver and colors your skin blue. This is similar to the process silver goes through when used in black-and-white photography. ” - Many brands of this dietary supplement can cause argyria - because of containing silver salts and/or metallic silver (inferior quality colloidal silver). Our Ionic Silver Solution is 99.9% Pure Ionic - so you never have to worry about turning blue! Because we use the same State-Of-The-Art machines used by NASA. We (as a family) have been taking this Ionic Silver Solution for over 15 years and have not "changed color". As a rule, we never sell to others what we do not use ourselves. We make No Medical Claims about what Colloidal Silver can or cannot do for you. Nutritional supplementation information is not intended to be used in lieu  of standard recognized Medical protocol but rather is intended to suggest  your body